Thursday, January 13, 2011

Worked Himself Sick

We moved Isaac to Luther School after Christmas.

There were several reasons for the move but at the end of the day none of them really matter now --- just that he's back in a school that we feel is better suited for him.

It's been quite the adjustment for the little guy. Academically speaking, the 2nd graders in Luther are really far ahead of the 2nd graders in Red Lodge.  Isaac's new teacher, bless her heart, is considerably more structured & strict. (As parents, we really love this about her though!) Getting Isaac caught up to the other kids has taken some serious commitment from both Josh & I, his teacher, and obviously Isaac too.

His routine for the last two weeks has been this:

6:00 a.m. - Wake up, get ready for school, eat breakfast.
6:40-7:40- - Homework
7:45 - on the bus
8:00 - 3:00 School (with no recesses because he is too busy "getting caught up")
3:45 - Off the bus
3:45-4:30 - Snack & Play time outside
4:30-7:30 - Homework
7:30- quick dinner, shower, brush teeth,
8:00 - Bed

It's been pretty instense.

Normally, I would have freaked out over the idea of a kiddo not getting recess. I think time to play is as important as time to learn. If he were in a normal school, I probably wouldn't have allowed it. (That was one of the biggest reasons we moved him out of Red Lodge to begin with!) But Luther is such a neat place. Sure, Isaac is working his butt off, but the "school time" is so much more active than the school time in a traditional school. I'm not going to elaborate on that now --- that's for another post. The bottom line is, I know he's still getting everything he needs even if he has had to forfeit a few recesses.

I thought Isaac would have gievn in to it all by now. I thought, without doubt, that I'd be bombarded by a complaining kiddo after two weeks of this schedule.

But I was wrong. When we ask him how he's holding up he tells us, "It's a lot harder than Red Lodge but I'm ok."  He has been asking to come back to Luther ever since he left at the end of kindergarten. Last semester things got kind of weird in his RL classroom & his asking turned into begging.  I think part of the reason he refuses to complain is he knows that his requests were the main reason we moved him back.

At any rate, I'm just really proud of ow well he's done. Plus --- there's a light at the end of the tunnel. I spoke with his teacher, Donna Fiveland, on the phone this morning, and she thinks that by the middle of next week he'll be caught up enough to enjoy a regular recess schedule again & have the normal homework load. It will be nice for him to see how all of his hard work has & will continue to pay off.

I *am* feeling a little guilty this morning though. He has told me several times over the last 2 days that his throat hurt. I too have had a weird feeling in my throat since Monday night. It doesn't hurt though --- it's just a little tight. I chalked it up to both of us being exhausted from the homework routine. Yesterday when he came home he didn't want his play time. He wanted a nap.


He laid down around 4 pm & napped until 6:30. He got up long enough to drink some chicken broth & then slept soundly until this morning when I woke him up to take his temperature.

102.1 ~


When I called to tell the school he wasn't coming today, they told me there are several kids out with strep throat.

Obviously I feel like Mother-of-the-Year --- Poor guy realy has been sick & I have been too concerned with math homework to notice.

Thank goodness for Doc Oley & the fabulous nurse Jenny. They'll dope him up later & make him all better.

In the meantime, I'm going to go snuggle this little boy & give him whatever he asks for. <3

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading that schedule ;)

    Feel better, little man!!