Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Day

I started the day with a broken nail.

I love broken nails because it means face time with Rene & Libby. When you start your day like this, it's impossible to have a bad day. Those two are all laughs - no drama. It's a breathe of fresh air.

After my fingernails were returned to a presentable state I headed over to Joyce's studio for my 2nd reiki treatment.

When I booked my first appointment with Joyce back in September, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought Reiki was some sort of specialized massage. I was wrong.

Yes, you lay on a massage table Yes, it's relaxing. Yes, there's oild and aromatherapy involved. But it's more about touch & energy than it is about massage. You definitely don't have a reiki treatment and expect to have all the knots in your muscles worked out.

Honestly, after my first treatment I was confused. I wasn't sure how I could feel SO good when it seemed like SO LITTLE had actually been done to me.

Today I had a similar experience.

Back up momentarily to New Years Day --- I did a belly flop on the ice that knocked the wind out of me. It hurt in a way that I was embarrassed to admit.  It was one of those falls that you stand up from quickly & look around to make sure no one saw. You know ... it hurts like hell, but you're ashamed to admit it happened. Haha.

Anyhow, the days following the fall I didn't have any pain --- everything seemed to be fine with the baby. But by MOnday I hadn't felt the baby much. 5 or 6 small movements as opposed to the constant full throttle bladder shots I had ben used to.

When I called my doctor he ordered a non-stress test. Everything came back great. They said she was still moving and doing great. The figured I had just jolted her into a position where I couldn't feel her as much.

And since then, I really haven't felt her at all.

Until today's reiki treatment.

There was a point during the session where I felt the energy in the room shift & I felt my body sink into the table. I thought I Had been relaxed before --- but the instant the shift happened, I suddenly realized a whole new level of relaxation. And then baby kicked me square in the ribs.

I enjoyed the next 20 minutes of perfect peacefulness & soaked up my daughter's acrobatics.

I don't know alot about how reiki is designed to work. But I know it does. I'm a firm believer & highly reccomend you give it a try (or two) before you knock it!

Afterwards I ran into my cousin, Ty & his wife, Bec. It was my best surprise of the day. Remember my post about resolutions? One of them was "Make peace with the people that matter." Ty & Bec were at the top of that list, and I am pleased to tell you that 18 days into the year, I am making good on that particular resolution.

Ty, Bec & their kids have been a huge part of my life. After high school I moved to Nevada to nanny for them. I feel a special closeness to their oldest two children because of that. Bec was in the room when Isaac was born. Ty had a bond with my mother that I remember being jealous of as a kid but am grateful for now. Sadly, for the past 18 months we haven't had much of a relationship. The how's and the why's of it really don't matter. All that I care about it that things seem to be ok now & we were able to enjoy eachother's company as if nothing had ever happened. Love that.

Today was awesome. I feel spoiled and happy. I'm going to go try to make my boys feel the same way.

Happy Tuesday, ya'll.

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