Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photo Journal

A few pics from the last few weeks:

I love how she props up on her elbows when he holds her.

I love my babies.


Ike <3

Gorgeous countryside between Crow Agency and Colstrip.

Prettiest Baby Mama in Colstrip!
Sweet Baby R turns one!

Beau & mini-Beau.

We rented Grampa Shorty & AK fell in love.

Debbie & one of her babies.

Most of the fam watching the p-rade.

Since forever, Smokey has always been my favorite part of the parade.

Daisy Doo was craving something salty.

That parade wore us out!

AK has a cousin crush on Zoe.
Bai, Kenna, & AK.

Daddy-daughter swing time.

Buck <3
Rope 'em, ride 'em.

A quick game of frisbee post parade, pre-rodeo.
Whats that look on your face, Beau? Could it be baby fever?!


Fireworks are better with S'mores.

That's the kind of smile that is contagious ... for sure.


Clearly Tobias was having a grand ol' time.

My siblings minus two.

Pam & Debbie.

Taylor Grace Duneman.

I love this little cherub.


My very sleepy family. They were such troopers last weekend ... letting me haul them all over the countryside & whatnot.

This looks like a very serious conversation between Ken & Robin. Truth be told, we were all laughing at how fast Taylor ran to her Papa when Ken walked over to meet AK!


Whats that? Chase smiling in a picture? Sweet!

It's a different kind of party than the last time we were all in the same place. Ha.

Pretty baby.

Beautful Eliana.

Slip n Slide.

Isaac getting a face full.

There are hundreds more photos to go through ... but I'm exhausted. I had a late night at the salon so I thought I'd use time between appointments to upload some shots. But now it is creeping up on 11 pm and I am seriously aching for my bed. G'nite, ya'll. 

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