Sunday, September 18, 2011

Christmas in T minus 2322 Hours

(stolen from TFD way back in the day ... when they were still fun to read)

Summer has come and gone & as much fun as it was ... I'm glad to be settling into the school year, football season, crockpot weather, and sweaters & boots. Everyone appears to be on a schedule again & the chaos of vacation time has gone to hibernate for a few months anyhow. (Christmas is only .. 2322 hours away! Gah!)

Eh ...  as I sit here typing Im finding it impossible to tune out the craptastic pile of housework that accumulated while we were  busy swimming, BBQ-ing, 4th of July-ing, hiking, "camp-ing", bike riding, traveling ... you know, summering.    The pile of mail on the counter that needs to be gone through, the clothes on the couch that need folding, &  (even though I can't see it) the basement that HAS to be cleaned out ... TODAY. Not to mention the wood that needs cutting, flower pots that need to be put away, and one last round of weed eating so I don't have to see them poking up through the snow all winter.

Ok. So as much as I was looking forward to posting another round of pictures & giving them cutesy little captions ... it'll have to wait. I have to go attack this list of chores before I have an aneurysm.

Happy Sunday ya'll.

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