Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who stinks as a blogger? Nicole does!

Just shy of 5 months has gone by since my last post. Oops.

A lot of big changes in our Life on Lower Luther Road.

The Cliff's Notes go like this:

We're having a baby girl in March. (Keep your fingers crossed for March 17!) Hooray for Team PINK!

I am finishing up the semester at Northwest College. I'll be taking next semester off to have the baby ... but next fall I'll be back to continue on with my nursing degree!

Isaac is working through the 2nd grade at Mountain View school. He's a brainy little thing but continues to get himself into mischief. (More on that on the mommy blog! Ha.) He's excited that the snow finally showed up this year. He's antsy to get on the ski mountain. With Josh's bad knee and my pregnant belly we're hoping we can talk Uncle Austin into a few days on the hill. :)

Josh is still working away at the insurance agency and basically making sure our little family has everything we need. He's pretty amazing like that. :) He makes me proud. And not just because he is the provider and rock of our household ... but also because he currently looks like the 18 year old version of himself. Going into the holiday season he is a whopping 70 lighter than he was a year ago - his high school graduation weight - he looks amazing. (I'm mostly happy about this ... only a little teeny weeny bit jealous! Haha) Love you, sugar.

Other than that, our lives are pretty simple.

On a different note ...
I don't know if it's the New Year approaching or the baby's arrival ... or something entirely different. But whatever it is driving me, I have recently found myself in a panic to organize & enrich our life here in Luther Town.  I want 2011 to be the happiest, most loving year we've seen so far. Of course I mean that in terms of the three (almost 4!) of us ... but I mean with our families and friends too.

This blog is one of the steps I've decided to take to keep in touch with the people we love the most. Some of you we see often and others we have lost touch with. But if you have found yourself on this page --- whether it be by invitation or on your own --- then you are someone who is important to us. I hope this look into our little world will be a stepping stone for us to grow our relationship with each one of you on an individual basis.

For now though, I have laundry that needs folding, letters that need writing, and dinner that needs planning. So until next time - be well. :)

With Love, Nic

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