Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas Indeed

It was a Merry Christmas indeed.

We spent Christmas Eve at Michael & Dawn's house. As usual, Dawn made Clam Chowder & homemade pizza. And, as usual, it was delicious.

We let Isaac open his presents from Michael and Dawn & from Austin.

A remote control helicopter from M & D.
The most hysterically awesome bats from Austin. I don't really know how to explain them except to say they are big foam bats that you "sword fight" with.
Aus & Isaac spent most of the night beating the crap out of eachother while the rest of us sat back & watched. (With tears of laughter rolling down our cheeks, I might add)

We came home & let Isaac open a gift.
He chose one that his Papa Jack had picked out for him:
Army Gear!
(That he refused to take off for 24 full hours. The next day whenever anyone asked him where he got his stuff he'd proudly say, "From my papa.")

Josh & Ike made it to bed around 11.
I never did make it to bed. I just kept finding projects that needed to be done.

Pam & Jessica showed up around 6 a.m. to help me get set up for the day.
Poor girls.
Pam wanted to break into the wine as soon as they showed up --- but she showed great restraint and waited until noon. ;]

I made them get to my house at the crack of dawn because they housed one of Isaac's gifts.
Oliver The Christmas Dog.
And I wanted him there before Isaac woke up.

Isaac & Josh rolled our of bed around 8.
Watching the opening of presents was awesome.
It's safe to say that Isaac got spoiled this year --- but every single thing he received made him hoop & holler with excitement.
It was SO worth it.

He told me later in the day"
"Mom, I had such a nice Christmas. I love all my presents ... but, if I could only keep ONE gift - it'd be my dog. Thank you."

Sometimes he's sweet to the point of making me cry. :)

(Isaac beaming from the top of the bunk beds Josh & Papa Mike made for Isaac for Christmas!)

Jessie's husband, Gary, made his way over to the house in time to watch the opening of the presents.
I think he was secretly hoping the dog was really a gift for him. :)
I don't blame him though - everyone fell in love with Oliver. He's pretty sweet.

We had a string of visitors on Xmas morning ...

Michael & Dawn.
Jimmy, Kathy & Baby Evan.

And our special guest, Ben.

Ben's mama is a nurse & spent Xmas day working. So Ben spent the day with us. He & Isaac had a great time together.

I made my first prime rib for Christmas Dinner. The rub was delicious but I over cooked the meat a little. So much for following directions. Next time I'll nail it though. :)

Last night we were able to spend some time with Sue & Jack. We exchanged gifts & had a supper.

Tonight we will finally get to celebrate Christmas with Bo, Bekah & Jameson. <3

All in all, Christmas was fantastic.
We all feel so blessed to have so many people in our lives that we get to share holidays with.
We simply could not ask for anything more.

I hope all of you felt as much Christmas love as we did here @ 130 Lower Luther Road.

xo - nic

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  1. I just loved the Christmas 'play by play!' :) And Isaac in his army hat cracks me up! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!