Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sibling Stuff

Christmas stroll weekend came & went. Josh and I spent most of the weekend in bed with the flu. Isaac spent the weekend being spoiled by Grammie Pam. Lucky bugger.

She called this morning to fill me in on the weekend stories. I always love her re-caps of their time together --- they have a funny little bond that is like nothing else I've ever seen. It's good stuff.

(Although, even Pam has been noticing Isaac is growing up. Last time he slept over, she asked him if he was ready for bed --- they've always slept together at her house. He said, "Yea, gramma, I am. But I think it's time for you to learn to let go. I'm sleeping on the couch." Hysterical.)

Apparently this weekend, the hot topic of conversation was the baby. Isaac has begged me for a sibling since he was old enough to talk. I have never heard him utter a single bad word about the baby's upcoming arrival. I've often wondered how he would handle it but he has never shown us anything but excitement.

Grandma got to hear the real story this weekend.

"All I ever hear about is this baby."
"Grandma, am I going to have to share these toys with the new baby?"
"I bet this is going to be the baby's now, right?" (In reference to a shelf he keeps his toys on.)

Pam talked to him about all of these things and assured him that he would not be the forgotten child. She asked him if he had talked to me about any of it. He thought about it for a minute & then said, "No ... I don't want to hurt my mama's feelings."

I'm overwhelmed with a mix of emotions over this. I'm touched that he would be so considerate of someone else's feelings --- mine in particular. But I am also teary eyed and heart-hurt at the thought of him feeling so blue.

I'd like to file a complaint. When I signed up to be a parent no one bothered to warn me about this. No one took the time to tell me there would be times when I can't "make it all better". No one gave me even an inkling that it would be impossible to protect their little hearts 100% of the time.


So, what's the answer? Or, at least, what are the best options for handling this? I would welcome any advice on preparing an older sibling for a new baby's arrival. Anyone? Anyone at all? :)

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