Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy News

I'm one of those women who are at high risk for pre-term labor so we are seeing our doctor more often now that I've passed the 24 week mark. We are also getting routine ultrasounds. Since today's ultrasound showed a healthy baby & a healthy mama, I feel like its ok to be over-the-moon happy about the extra time we get to spend with our little lady on the TV.

Today's appointment gave us no reason to believe that Isaac's little sister will be as impatient about making her grand entrance as he was 8 years ago. We're happy about that!

Here are some pictures of Baby O @ 24 weeks 6 days:

After the appointment I ran into a woman from Red Lodge in the waiting room. We sat there talking for a bit & something she said struck a cord with me. Right then and there in the Billings Clinic hallway, I decided what I would like to name her. I haven't ran this idea by Josh yet, but I have a funny feeling he's going to be on board.

If he IS, then maybe I'll share it with you in the next entry. But then again, maybe I won't. People can be funny when you start discussing baby names. And by 'funny' I mean 'rude'. Haha. Even the people you love. ;]

Anyhow, I was too excited to wait another minute to post these. So, I'm sitting in The Brew Pub typing away while my lunch grows cold. People are looking at me funny -- I am teary eyed and gawking at my computer screen. So, I suppose I'll wrap it up and head home.

Happy Wednesday, ya'll.

<3 - N

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