Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 1/30

Ok ... I wasn't sure if I was going to hop on the 30 Day Blogging bandwagon or not. But after seeing this post I decided I was definitely going to give it a whirl. There's something about Sara's lipgloss collection that makes ,my heart go pitter-patter. Now, the only problem is that I need to make sure my lip gloss collection is up to par by the time I get to that post! ;]

Anyhow. Here we go.

Day 1: A picture of yourself with 15 facts.

1. I'm hopelessly addicted to making mixed tapes ... errrr, I mean CD's. I really like making them for other people too, but I'm too embarrassed to do it anymore because I think most people are into things like iPod playlists. (I'm too far behind the times --- I don't even know if that's the right terminology for it!) Ha.

2. I have purchased tickets to see Bob Schneider in concert FOUR times. Each of those times I have traveled across several states to get to the show. And every time the show was cancelled. I refuse to give into fate. Seeing Bob in concert is still a bucket list item.

3. I ease myself into waking up. Before I met Josh I kept 4 alarms ... that went off in 30 minute intervals; thus taking me 2 hours to actually get out of bed. By the last alarm, it actually WAS easier for me to get out of bed. Josh hated this about me so I don't set any alarms anymore. It's now his job to get me out of bed in the moring. It's fair to say that we rubbed off on eachother. Because although we don't set several alarms anymore, we do set the alarm a half an hour early so we can listen to The Flakes for 30 minutes before we get out of bed. :)

4. Once I make it out of bed, I love to be awake and alone in the mornings. After the boys leave at 8 a.m. I spend a solid hour --- sometimes two --- just soaking up the day. Sometimes it's the internet, sometimes it's the hot tub, sometimes its TV, or aq book, or a walk. Sometimes I take a drive and/or take pictures. Whatever it is I do with my time, it's fair to say that I cash in on ME TIME before anything productive happens around the house.  This is especially true on the weekends when the boys sleep in.

5. I have a really hard time keeping in touch with people who don't use the internet or, at the bare minimum, use text messaging. I rarely check my voicemail and there are very few people I enjoy talking on the phone with.

6. My worst/ugliest/most hideous character flaw is my jealous streak. I'm jealous of everything and everyone. I'm probably jealous of you for something. I have a hard time hiding it & I've probably made more than a handful of people uncomfortable because of it.

7. My best character trait is that I love deeply. Usually I love people too soon --- and I often get burned by this --- but it's worth it when I wake up one morning and realize that someone I love, loves me back. Often people probably think that love is fake. It's not.

8. I love quotes & use them whenever I can. I'm particularly fond of Winnie-The-Pooh quotes. I think they are the sweetest things ever. Like, EVER ever.

9. I lose countless hours of sleep "building" my dream home. Everything from the architecture to the decor in every room. I have a sketch pad that I've had for over 10 years where I draw ideas and paste pictures in I find in magazines. Someday ... someday. :)

10. I kept a similar sketchpad from ages 12-18 of my dream wedding. It wasn't until I met the man I was going to marry that I realized a big wedding scared the hell out of me. I HATE being the center of attention & the thought of a room full of people staring at me makes me pee my pants a little. I don't even cross busy streets as a pedestrian for the fear of people in the cars staring at me. I'm definitely a courthouse wedding type of gal. On a Wednesday. With no witnesses. And no big announcement. Luckily, Josh is made from the same cloth as me when it comes to that. ;]

11. It took me 29 years to feel comfortable saying, "I'm sorry."

12. I force myself to buy locally whenever it's possible --- even when I'd rather not do business with a particular person. I figure, supporting the local economy is more important than being bitchy to someone I don't really like.

13. I love, love, LOVE fruit and vegetables. My favorite meal is white bean soup and a veggie sandwich with provolone on some sort of multi-grain or wheat bread. My favorite dessert is orange slices dipped in caramel.

14. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night feeling like the most loved woman on the planet. I pray daily that I am able to make my boys feel as loved as they make me feel.

15. I feel lucky & make wishes when the clock says 12:34 or 11:11. I feel unlucky & hold my breath when the clock says 10:31.


  1. Yay! It's always fun learning new things about people! Cheers to 29 more days o' blogging!

  2. Love it, Nicole! I could have written about half of these points myself....much love my dear! :)