Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Update

This will be brief because I'm on my way out the door. But I just wanted to post a baby update for the relatives that check this site.

I spent most of yesterday fighting a new sensation. It qualified somewhere between discomfort and horrendous pain. I can't really tell you what it felt like because it was unlike anything I have ever felt before. A constant throbbing pain in my lower back, paired up with a feeling in my abdomen I can only describe as "attacks". Painful, stabbing attacks that seemed to be designed for revenge --- yea, THAT kind of pain. Ha.

I've been having on-again-off-again contractions for several weeks now. My doc has been great about going above and beyond to do everything in his power to keep Baby O safe and sound inside until she's due to arrive. (If I'm being 100% honest, I think he takes many of the precautions to ease my mind & not so much for medical reasons! He's a doll like that.)

But what I was feeling yesterday was, like I said ... different.

By the time Josh got home at 6:30 I was curled up in a ball on the floor, rocking back and forth, crying. And laughing. I was in miserable pain but the whole scene was funny enough to me that I couldn't help but crack up between attacks.

I called the OB on call --- sounds like contractions she said. You should probably be checked.

Weird. I never felt this with Isaac. And this is not how my "contractions" have felt earlier in this pregnancy either. But, ok ... you're the professional, not me.

We went to the Red Lodge hospital & Dr. George checked me out. No new news on the dilation/effacement front. But during the monitor check they could see three small contractions ... spread out over 45 minutes. Apparently no big deal.

Dr. George, who I adore by the way, left the hospital telling me, "Yea, sorry -- I think you're in for a couple more boring weeks."

My doctor's nurse called me this morning and said, "Yea, he's probably right. But let's make that 'a couple really uncomfortable, boring weeks'." Haha.

At any rate, I'm on my way to my weekly appointment now. Since I'm still feeling the contractions, part of me hopes there has been some changes since last night & we get to have this baby this week. But, from the sounds of it, it was just a false alarm. So much for my February 19 prediction.

I never had Braxton Hicks with Isaac --- I never made it this far with him. So, for those of you out there who HAVE dealt with it ... I'd be super stolked to hear how you dealt with it. I'm a big baby & am not looking forward to multiple weeks of this "uncomfortable, boring" phase. :)

Happy Wednesday, ya'll.

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