Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sound > Noise

Some of my favorite sounds:

1. The belly-laughter that fills the living room when my guys are wrestling.
2. The half gulp - half cry noise my daughter makes when she finally latches on for a meal.
3. The words, "I love you, mama."
4. The funny little [[whistle-snort-sigh]] the puppy makes when she's sleeping.
5. The sounds of my sleeping house at 3 a.m. when I've just finished nursing the baby to back to dreamland.
6. Whispered pillow talk. The kind that says, "How was your day?" & "Goodnight, friend."
7. The croaking of frogs/rushing of Red Lodge Creek outside of my bedroom at night.

... & after a busy, noisy day like today I am pleased to be home soaking up a few of these sounds. The boys are [[in fact]] wrestling in the living room. The baby, who just finished eating, is passed out cold in her swing. The puppy is asleep in the chair with me & all is right in the world.

The cast of characters in my world is pretty great. And the plot just seems to get better each & every day.

This is my life. THIS IS MY LIFE. This. Is. My. Life.

I'm a spray tan girl. I'm a friend. I'm a niece and a cousin. I'm an auntie. I'm a distributor. I'm part of a social circle. I'm a member of a church. I'm several things ...

... but mostly I'm a wife & a mother. How incredible is that? When I look at the faces of these people I share my home with ... it hits me: this is my identity. This is what I was born to do. To love. To give. To share this journey with these little people & my partner.

What's great is that at the end of each day, none of the noise matters. The hustle & bustle of everyday life ... the garbage that filters through our world on a day to day basis [[VIA tv, internet, telephone, & even human contact]] ...  these things that sound like real life in an instant ... they suddenly don't compare to the sounds of real life.

So, no real point to this post I suppose. I'm just feeling incredibly blessed tonight & wanted to put that out into the world.

Goodnight for now.
xo - n

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