Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Haps.

It's been a while since I was here --- it's been a crazy week or so!

The Cliff's Notes on the week are this:

Our house has been struck down by the flu, strep throat, and a pesky cold. Somehow we seem to all be healthy again as of tonight. The business has totally exploded. I sprayed 59 women last week & am totally exhausted! So far I've had a really great response from the local gals --- such a great feeling! Josh is preparing for an insurance conference  --- it's my favorite one because it's held in Fairmont. Love that. And Isaac has just been plugging away in school --- mostly on his science fair project. Luther is out of school tomorrow so I think the boys are going to ski & I am going to head to Billings with the Turnbull clan. Groceries, thank-you cards, dry cleaning.

Oddly, the science fair that Isaac is working so hard on is scheduled for March 25 --- that happens to be little babe's due date. So, we'll see if the science fair actually happens for us this year or not. I hope so -- he's been working really hard!

I am secretly hoping (or I guess its not so secret now that I've posted it on the internet) to go into labor while we're in Fairmont. Butte is only 15 minutes away so I feel totally safe going ... and I actually LOVE the thought of not being swamped with visitors while we're at the hospital.

And while I'm on the topic ... I love the thought of not being swamped with visitors once we're home too. My family has been warned --- they know we'll come make the rounds when we're ready to see people.  God love 'em for understanding! But, there's something about country living that invites unannounced visitors at a steady pace -- it rattles me a little but it's the way of life around here ...  so I am trying to prepare myself for a noisy house for the first few weeks after little miss arrives.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I am feeling great --- the best I've felt this whole pregnancy actually. 37 weeks & 2 days --- we're officially FULL TERM! HOORAY! I've got lots of energy & am feeling blessed that so far (knock on wood) I have managed to avoid any water retention, noticeable weight gain or swelling. My only complaint really is that I haven't been able to eat meat really --- but I still have an incredible appetite & spend most of my time craving brown rice, black beans, and green veggies. Plus I drink about a gallon of milk a day! Baby's healthy & everything looks good to go!

You know what ... I lied when I said not being able to eat meat was my only complaint. I have two more complaints ...

1) I'm tired of the grunting noises that come out of me at the most inopportune times. Moving around is  really HARD! Ha.

2) I'd like to re-gain control of my bladder. Yea ... it's one of those not-so-pretty parts of pregnancy ... one of those things you're probably not supposed to talk about. But, how do you NOT talk about something as funny as peeing your pants? Its really only happened once --- today as a matter of fact --- but once is enough. Josh was cutting wood & I was hauling it to the truck. I sneezed and without any warning Niagara Falls was running down my leg. I didn't know what else to do so I just laughed. When I told Josh I thought he was going to pee HIS pants from laughing so hard. Later he complained to me that he was getting frustrated with his chainsaw. I told him to buck up --- the chainsaw not working properly wasn't really THAT bad unless of course he happened to be dealing with a temperamental chainsaw AND frozen urine in his britches. He agreed! The shower I took when we got home was perhaps the best feeling shower I have EVER taken.

Anyhow, it's time for Josh to read us another chapter in 'Where The Red Fern Grows'. So I'm off to snuggle into the top bunk with my itty bitty boy.

Hope this Sunday has a fabulous one for all ya'll.


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  1. SO happy you're all feeling better!! The cold/flu struck here too! Best wishes for a smooth delivery and 'quiet' recovery ;) ps.. I LOVE Where the Red Fern Grows!! I always thought I'd have a little Ann and litte Dan one day.. dogs that is :)